Five things an editor’s desk cannot do without or what you will

I will consider myself a generic editor. And every generic editor has a generic desk. And every generic desk has a few objects in common. 1. Coffee/Tea Mug Saviour/fount of hope/elixir/what’s your poison/call it what you will. This sits in one corner of the desk, quietly saving lives every single day. The health-conscious/weak-tummied/diet-control/rehab folks sit […]

Dear Editor, Why are Schedules Important?

So here’s something that is a scene of perennial tension in the world of publishing. Timelines! Dreaded and feared by all. Authors hate them. So do editors. Love it, hate it, can’t do without it! Now I’m on the other side so I wouldn’t presume knowledge of what authors think. But they often seem to not […]

Step One

Let me start with a confession. I am not too good at maintaining blogs. I get instantly hooked, write umpteen posts, get bored and then move on. There are about twenty-odd unloved, unwanted, abandoned blogs floating in cyberspace that you can trace back to me. I will just grunt and ignore you. And pretend they don’t exist. […]