Five things an editor’s desk cannot do without or what you will

I will consider myself a generic editor. And every generic editor has a generic desk. And every generic desk has a few objects in common. 1. Coffee/Tea Mug Saviour/fount of hope/elixir/what’s your poison/call it what you will. This sits in one corner of the desk, quietly saving lives every single day. The health-conscious/weak-tummied/diet-control/rehab folks sit […]

Dear Editor, Why are Schedules Important?

So here’s something that is a scene of perennial tension in the world of publishing. Timelines! Dreaded and feared by all. Authors hate them. So do editors.┬áLove it, hate it, can’t do without it! Now I’m on the other side so I wouldn’t presume knowledge of what authors think. But they often seem to not […]