Review: The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian

I had no expectations when I started reading. I had heard the author speak at a book launch once and unlike some of his peers the man does not have the golden gift of the gab either. So I was not expecting anything spectacular in here. But I was not prepared for what I read. […]

Book Review: Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer by Cyrus Mistry

Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer by Cyrus Mistry is a┬ábeautiful love story at its core. Imagine you are walking slowly in an overgrown, abandoned garden, just like Seppy and Phiroze. That is exactly how the book reads. A slow, beautiful walk. Funny, sad, dark,┬ályrical, Mistry weaves a tale of love, loss, longing, despair, struggle, and […]