Stalk List: June Books

So, it’s a new month, it’s a new blog. So I thought why not colour it in shades of joy and hope! What better than making a checklist of books to look forward to in the next few weeks (yes, I have a condition. It’s called listmaking. Oh don’t be so listless! I can go on with this. Ain’t I listerical! But I’ll stop. Are you List-ening? okay seriously. I’ll stop).

Before I even start, here is a disclaimer. I am a sucker for good covers. So those with a great cover holding those pages together have a better chance of scoring on my blog. Disclaimer over. Let’s start.


Title: Go Set A Watchman
Author: Harper Lee
Publisher: Harper

The much-awaited Harper Lee novel is finally set to hit these shores. Promoted as what came before How to Kill a Mockingbird, this novel, written in the mid-1950s, was lost to the world before being discovered (or rediscovered, rather) in 2014.The Harper Collins website says that it follows from Mockingbird, about twenty years thence, and includes a lot of its characters, looking at how they are adjusting to the turbulence of mid-1950s America.The US cover is rather stunning, and one of my favourite blogs, Casual Optimist, has talked at length about the covers of both UK and US editions here. Also, Harper printing Harper (Sorry! Couldn’t resist!).


Title: Falling Walls
Author: Upendranath Ashk
Publisher: Penguin

Another impressive addition to the brilliant translations brought out by Penguin, this is a novel from one of Hindi literature’s prominent writers. Moving across the north of undivided India, from Jalandhar and Lahore to Shimla, it traces lower middle-class life and the struggles, journey and aspirations of a writer in the 1930s.This definitely sounds promising and is one of the books I am looking forward to!

download (1)

Title: Murder with Bengali Characteristics
Author: Shovon Chowdhury
Publisher: Aleph

With a delightful cover featuring a witty take on the Communist Manifesto, designed by the ever brilliant Prabha Mallya, Chowdhury’s new book promises to be as wicked as his earlier one, The Competent Authority, which I thoroughly enjoyed! And as I race through its 200-odd pages, I can confidently say I am not disappointed at all!

So what do you think are the books to watch out for in June? When the weather is too hot and all you need is a cold corner and a good book to escape into! Let me know your recommendations! Happy reading!


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